A Sneak Peek into Your Life at Oceanique by Altis

Have you always been a beach soul at heart despite living in a concrete jungle all your life? Well it’s time to trade in the cacophony of honking traffic for the sound of gentle gushing waves by the sea. Our range of luxury sea-facing homes in ECR is the jewel in the Altis crown. When you walk into any apartment at Oceanique, you know that this is a home like no other. Sumptuous comforts, mesmerizing views and world-class amenities. That’s what awaits you at Oceanique.


Unmatched Location

No matter how much you look, we guarantee you won’t find a better location in the whole of Chennai. Among the many apartment projects on offer in Chennai, Oceanique is in a league of its own. Situated on Chennai’s most scenic stretch, ECR, Oceanique is so close to the sea that you can smell the fresh ocean breeze with every breath you take. This is one of the many reasons why ECR is the best place to own a home in Chennai. Few other apartments in Chennai can boast of such unobstructed, panoramic views of the sea. Have you always dreamt of waking up every single morning and looking out at an expanse of blue sea in front of you? When you start your life at Oceanique, this will no longer have to be a dream. But while the ocean undoubtedly takes center stage, you can be rest assured that every window of your new home will have a beautiful view. Oceanique is surrounded by lush greenery, something that is a rare luxury in apartments within the city.


Accessibility and Connectivity

Oceanique’s unique location offers you many advantages. It’s far enough from the city to be free of the noise and pollution. However, it’s also well-connected to the city so commuting will never be a problem for you. Oceanique is situated on the East Coast Road, one of the best maintained roads in the whole of Chennai. ECR is a straight, wide two-lane road that offers a direct entry into Chennai. There rarely ever is heavy traffic on ECR, so you can say goodbye to long traffic jams for good. ECR is also dotted with resorts and popular vacation spots, so you’re never far away from a weekend getaway. But with a house as luxurious as Oceanique, you might never want to leave!

Living at Oceanique is the perfect blend of convenience and exclusivity. ECR is also connected to  the arterial Old Mahabalipuram Road, which is a booming IT hub. There are plenty of schools, colleges, hospitals and huge MNCs located on OMR, so you can gain easy access to them from your home at Oceanique.


Superior Comforts

A life at Oceanique offers you comforts few could dream of. We created Oceanique keeping in mind every possible necessity you could possibly ask for. Our apartments are located right in the middle of lush greenery, an area which is completely free from pollution. You haven’t smelled air this clean until you’ve taken a deep breath here. We also strive to maintain this quality of purity in everything that we offer you. The water that flows through your taps here is some of the cleanest water in the city. Our water is so clean and fresh, you can actually drink it straight from the tap! The beautiful green vistas that welcome you from your window at Oceanique are further in keeping with our promise of natural beauty. Our gardens have been specially landscaped by a Swiss-based architect to ensure that every inch has been transformed into something truly breathtaking. We also have a maintenance department on call 24×7 so you never have to face an inconvenience while you live here.

The luxuries we offer you at Oceanique are what only few could dream of. We set aside the idea of using a regular swimming pool because we felt you deserved more. Instead, at Oceanique you can now take a lap in a mesmerizing infinity pool, overlooking the ocean. From our infinity pool, you can almost feel one with the gorgeous blue ocean. We also have a yoga deck overlooking the beautiful green cover from where you can rediscover happiness and serenity. Our state-of-the-art gym is fitted out with all the latest fitness equipment. A life at Oceanique is truly one that inspires you to lead a healthy, wholesome life.


Future Growth

While a home at Oceanique will bring you joyous time in your immediate present, it can make you even happier in the future. Oceanique is situated on ECR, a real estate hotspot. The land in this area has been appreciating at an incredible pace and it’s only going to increase further from here. You can expect a minimum appreciation annually apart from the rental inters on 3-4 %. Which is much higher than any other project in the vicinity. If there ever was an airtight investment decision, it would be this.

So come live your best life at Oceanique by Altis. With our spectacular location and stunning luxuries, there’s no better place for you to call home. Visit Oceanique today to learn more about this landmark project and how you can be a part of our story.