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Blog: 5 Things People Living by the Beach Love

The beach in itself is reason enough to love living by the sea. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to crisp, salty ocean air; or watch a glorious sunset after work, or maybe, fall asleep to the sound of waves gently lapping the shore. It is indeed a luxury few can claim. However, if these aren’t reasons enough, we asked people who’ve been there, done that, about their favourite part of living on a beach. This is what they have to say.

1.     “It feels like I’m on a permanent vacation” – Ramaswamy, 39

Having grown up in a house on the beach, and then lived in a sea-facing bungalow for quite many years, Ramaswamy can vouch that he has never felt that he ‘worked’ a single day in his life. Waking up to fresh air, jogging on the beach and eating dinner while watching the waves have been part of his everyday routine. “I’m lucky that I get to enjoy these things everyday. Most people can only do it on holidays, after paying a lot of money.” His sea-facing house takes away all the stress of work, he adds.


2.     “The weather always feels pleasant, even in scorching Chennai summers” – Samantha, 33

An expat, Samantha moved to India with her husband, and both have lived on sea-facing properties all through India’s western coastline. Whereas our tropical summers can bring most of us to breaking point, Samantha and her husband have never felt worn down by the Indian sun thanks to their proximity to beaches. “Somehow the closeness to a water body keeps our home and in turn, us cool, no matter what the actual temperature is. We always make it a point to find a beach property wherever we go.”

3.     “I feel healthier & fitter – more than I was in my younger days” – Rajendran, 59

Living the fast-paced life in urban cities, working a high-profile, high-stress job and frequent travelling leaves little time for exercise, recreation or relaxation – something Rajendran realized while serving as VP of a large MNC. He would often pine for the carefree days of his youth, in his childhood home, located on a beach in a remote Chennai village. Two years ago, Rajendran took early retirement and moved in with his wife to a house on the beach – away from the hustle-bustle of the city. “It feels like coming back home. I do yoga, play tennis, maintain my own garden and even entertain guests and family on the weekend. I have never felt healthier and happier. The fresh air has also helped my wife with her asthma.”

4.     “It’s the best place to unwind, chill – and my friends love it” – Latika, 33

Latika’s 2 BHK beach apartment is the apple of her eye, and the envy of her friends! “Ever since we moved here, we have altogether stopped going out – it is so beautiful! Our friends are constantly telling us how amazing our place is. We love to socialize and often throw parties here. It makes for the perfect ambience, regardless the occasion.”

5.     “I find it immensely inspiring. It really helps my creative process” – Sriram, 40

Constantly churning out great material in a creative field – be it writing, music or art – can be really taxing, especially while living in a city with all the stresses of modern life. For Sriram, moving to a beach location is what helped him take his creative passion to a full-time profession. He’s written more than ever before in his new sea-facing home. “As a writer, constantly finding new inspiration can be challenging and exhausting. But there’s something about living on the beach that just stokes my creative fire. Some of my best work happens when I’m writing on my deck, watching the waves.”

Whether it is health, beauty or creativity – reasons are aplenty to move to a house that overlooks the beach. After all, life did come from the sea, and it’s only logical that it should flourish on it. And when you have a deal that is as sweet as Altis’ Oceanique you’ll be hard-pressed thinking of reasons NOT to live on a beach!



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