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Buying a home? Excited? Sure, you obviously have checked everything – good builder, good locality, future prospects, but when it comes to day-to-day living, there are many small details of an apartment that can make living there a breeze or a brunt. Unfortunately most realize this only AFTER they’ve moved in. Fret not though, here’s a list of TEN MORE THINGS you need to check with your builder to live happily ever after in your new home!

The View

A lot of builders boast sea-facing apartments, but this is usually limited to a few flats, or a few windows per flat or from such a distance that it is hardly impressive. Moreover, you need to ensure that your sea-facing is not hampered by any future construction around your building.

The Height

Most people realize the importance of taller door frames only when they begin moving large pieces of furniture into the house. Ensure your door frame is sufficiently high to avoid scrapes on your favourite cabinet!

The Interiors

Sure, the sample flat looks great but is the actual flat also going to like this? Make sure the false ceilings, texturing, entrance facades and anything else is to your liking.

The Fixtures

Might seem like a small thing now, but wait till your window panes start rusting and you can’t close them. Getting stainless steel and/or aluminium fixtures for doors, windows & kitchen storage ensures they remain rust-free and smooth functioning throughout their life.

The Sanitary Ware

Low quality fixtures mean a lifetime of repairs and expenses. They also mean wastage or worse, damage –causing leakages. Insist on fittings from a reputed manufacturer, or ask the builder to let you put in your own.

The Switchboards & Sockets

Ensure switches are in convenient places, and that you have enough plug points for all your appliances, especially in the kitchen. Additionally, ensure that you have cable outlets for TV, Phone & Modem wherever needed. Ask about wiring and circuitry, in case you need to add/remove some later on.

The Water-proofing

There is no point in purchasing a great flat only to have it become an eyesore in the rains or from leakage. Check with builders what measures they’ve taken to minimize leakage.

The A/C Units

If you plan on installing air conditioners, check beforehand and mark out places where you could set up the unit. Many builders will also provide you with stilts or brackets if you ask them to.

The Lift

A cramped elevator becomes a huge problem for wheelchairs. Consider this, especially if you have elderly or infirm parents living with you.

The Safety Precautions

It is always good to be prepared for the worst. Familiarise yourself with the building’s fire safety plan and emergency exits. Ask if provisions have been made for extinguishers. Also gauge if your apartment is in a flood-prone area.

It is often the small things that add up to big problems later. Don’t ignore them, and ensure you have everything set and done to your liking before you move in. Don’t hesitate to bring up matters that you’re not happy about with your builder – after all, this is your dream home – and you deserve the best!

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