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What is a Villament and Should You Buy it?

Like high fashion, the real estate sector too has its trends and the latest one that has everyone curious is called the ‘Villament’. As most can guess, the term is a portmanteau of villa and apartment and suggests something in between. A house that looks like a villa but acts like an apartment? Or maybe, […]

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5 Things People Living by the Beach Love

Blog: 5 Things People Living by the Beach Love The beach in itself is reason enough to love living by the sea. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to crisp, salty ocean air; or watch a glorious sunset after work, or maybe, fall asleep to the sound of waves gently lapping the shore. […]

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A Sneak Peek into Your Life at Oceanique by Altis

Have you always been a beach soul at heart despite living in a concrete jungle all your life? Well it’s time to trade in the cacophony of honking traffic for the sound of gentle gushing waves by the sea. Our range of luxury sea-facing homes in ECR is the jewel in the Altis crown. When […]

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Secrets to a longer life

We are all familiar with the law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Interestingly, this concept does not apply to the field of Physics alone. As we grow older, our health and well-being become a reflection of the habits and lifestyle we took up in our younger years. Though you can always tweak […]

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5 reasons why ECR is the best place to own a home in Chennai

Owning a home is every family’s dream. With the newly applied RERA laws and GST reforms, a lot of potential home buyers are considering investing in real estate for long-term returns. Chennai is one such destination which checks all the boxes when it comes to buying a property and ECR is the burgeoning locality where […]

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Apartments in ECR

Keep Your Beach Home Looking Brand New

A house on the beach spells fresh air, lots of natural light and spectacular views, all day every day. While living in a house on the beach can be quite rewarding, it needs lots of love and care, to ensure the rewards keep coming. Because it is in such close proximity to nature, a beach […]

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