Rapidly gushing waves, smartly unique amenities, extraordinarily elite grandeur.
Don’t weave your fairytale. We’ve built it for you.


Oceanique is exactly where you
Stop rushing. Start living.


Your personal slice of paradise!

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We always wanted to make an investment on East Coast Road. After a little homework, we figured almost all projects were either under construction or way beyond our budget. The moment we spotted Oceanique we were certain that we’d be moving in.The quality of construction and amenities are spectacular! Compared to the cost capital, waiting period & quality of construction, we feel that Oceanqiue is 30% more value than the nearby projects

Sanjukta Das Gupta & Sunil Das Gupta


My wife & I were checking for a home by the sea. Spotted Oceanique and fell in love with it! We went to book one apartment, but ended up buying 4. Yes, happy and proud of our mass purchase!

Mr P Unni Krishnan

Carnatic & Playback Singer

My family wanted a ready-to-move apartment that had a great view of the Bay of Bengal. And like everything else, they hated to wait. As luck would have it, I happened upon ready to occupy Oceanique and the rest, as they say, is history! Proud of my happy home. What impressed us most is the attention to detail to each & every amenity in the building.

Mr Sridhar Sampath

Hayagriva Advisory Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

She likes nature & I love the sea. Yin and yang? Not really! My wife and I checked Oceanique out and for the first time in a long time, we chose the same thing at the same time.

Mr Y Balaji

Chartered Accountant, Chennai

I’m not an early riser & have been missing my swim routine coz of lack of time. Not anymore. At Oceanique, I work the treadmill & go swimming on alternate days. No more excuses, and am lovin’ it! Oceanqiue is a perfect city & holiday home. Not far from my work place & near to all the social & lifestyle activities that we enjoy as a family.


Solution Consultant, Cisco System

We were looking to book just a regular 2 BHK apartment & thought we did just that at Oceanique. Boy, were we in for a surprise! It’s anything but regular. A bustling community and an overload of amenities make Oceanique a cutting-edge above the rest.

Khuddus Kareem & Syed Shahenaz


We chose Altis for our new home as they offered the best combination of quality and affordability. We are very happy with Oceanique and the kind of reliable and trustworthy relation that Altis has made with us.

Ms M Vanitha


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